a thousand , million , billion , trillion years ago , before there was anything called an "earth" , twinkles of light existed in a sleepy bliss in a place called dreamworld.

dreamworld was a baby pink space , with nothing but cosyness inside it . all the twinkles' needs were met .. but they didn't have many needs , anyways ! all they needed was sweets , cuddles , ribbons and soft blankets . there were many different twinkles of light , all twinkling in their special ways , but the brightest light was the pieces of angelic light .. these twinkles of light were the 'protectors' , keeping all the other twinkles safe and sound in the cosy dreamworld ..

suddenly , everything changed when big blobs appeared in the dreamworld , messing everything up !! the big blobs filled the dreamworld with things they didn't need , like big machines , and mean words , and non-sweet foods .. the twinkles of light were worried , and they tried hard to protect their dreamworld , but they were too soft and sleepy to fight .. even the brightest twinkles of angelic light were no match for the strength and harshness of the big blobs ..

unfortunately , despite all their hard work , and the billions of years of cosiness , the twinkles of light began to fade away , and their dreamworld faded with them ... the baby pink space turned to an inky blue. there was no sign of dreamworld anywhere in the universe...

or so we thought .. ! there was a small , small , teeny tiny twinkle of angelic light , called star . star had been the smallest twinkle of light in the dreamworld ; star was so small star slipped through the cracks and wasn't discovered by the meanie blobs !! star was all alone in the harsh world , she was now living side by side with the meanie blobs in a place called "earth" . star had to deal with their loud noises , and their shouting words , and other things she had never ever seen , hear , or experience before .

but star held the cosy memories of the dreamworld close to her chest , which gave her strength and , slowly , brought back her twinkle ... when star slept , her little mind would transport back to the dreamworld of the past .. and she would spend her dreams with her long lost friends , in the faded land of sweet cuddles and whispers ..

with these memories , star started to rebuild her dreamworld from the ground up . she began to apply her cosy twinkle the meanie "earth" , and slowly , some of the blobs even softened into twinkling shapes ...

now , star can live somewhat peacefully on the not-so-meanie "earth" ... in the daytime , she interacts with the slightly-softened blobs , and gets along with them somewhat ... though she is still desperately searching for other twinkles of light , hoping that maybe there are others out there .. and in the nighttime , star rests her head and goes back to her wonerful dreamworld , where she is completely safe and sound .

the end ( for now .. )
welcome to my dreamworld , a simplified version of my inner world ♡ this is something for my inner child to enjoy .. so please don't mock my dreamworld , i'm just trying to have fun ... thnku
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